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Diving Inflation Valves Recalled Due to Risk of Hypothermia; Manufactured by SI TECH

This recall involves the Shell Inflation Valves with Int'l Nipples that come with diving dry suits and are also sold separately. The Shell Inflation Valve is used in recreational and technical diving. The recalled valve inflates the diving dry suit to allow the diver to equalize air pressure while descending in the water by pressing on the valve and it provides thermal protection to the diver. The model number and batch code are stamped on the inside of the recalled valve. Instructions on how to find and identify the batch code can be found at Model Number 25210 JD1, JE2, JE5, JE6, JF6, JG2, JK6, JK9, JKA, JL1, JL3, KA7, KB8, KG2, KH3, KH4, KK7, KL3, LC1, LC2, LC4, LC7, LC9, LD2, LD6, LD7, LD8 25215 JG1, KA9, LC5
Shell Diving Inflation Valves with Int'l Nipples for diving dry suitsAbout 1,670 (In addition, about 28 were sold in Canada)
Underwater Development, Tulalip, Washington; Aquala Diving, Shreveport, Louisiana; Underwater Sports, Seattle, Washington and other dealers/dive centers and other dive suit manufacturers and distributors nationwide from April 2019 through May 2021 for about $100 per inflation valve when sold separately.
Ocean Equipment, of Canada
Recall Date:    Apr 14, 2022
SI Tech has received three reports of the valve part malfunctioning, resulting in loss of inflation in the dry suit. No injuries have been reported.
SI Tech, of Sweden
Mfg Country:
Recall ID:    9280
Last Published:    Apr 14, 2022
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    22115
RecallMe Status:    Notified
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