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CocoaVia Brand Frothers Recalled by Mars Symbioscience Due to Choking Hazard

This recall involves CocoaVia brand brown frothers used to froth beverages, including coffee and milk. The spring on the end of the wand spins to froth the drink. The frothers were distributed free at promotional events. The frothers are brown, "CocoaVia" is printed on the side in white lettering and they measure about eight inches long. This recall only involves CocoaVia brand frothers that are brown in color.
CocoaVia® brand frothersType : Mixers/WhisksCategoryID : 2048About 5,000
Given away free at promotional events at King Soopers supermarket in Colorado in September 2015.CompanyID : 0
Mars Symbioscience, of Germantown, Md.CompanyID : 0
Recall Date:    Nov 24, 2015
Mars Symbioscience has received two reports of the spring on the end of the frothers detaching from the metal wand. No injuries have been reported.
Mfg Country:
Recall ID:    6584
Last Published:    Nov 24, 2015
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    16046
RecallMe Status:    Announced
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