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Sony Expands Recall of VAIO Laptop Computer Battery Packs Due to Burn and Fire Hazards ( ...

This expanded recall involves Panasonic lithium-ion battery packs installed in 18 models of Sony’s VAIO Series laptop computers. Sony has expanded the number of affected battery packs under this recall. The Panasonic battery packs were manufactured with the laptop and battery packs were sold separately or installed by Sony as part of a repair. Panasonic battery packs included in this recall have model number VGP-BPS26 and part numbers 1-853-237-11 and 1-853-237-21 printed on the back of the battery pack. Recalled model numbers for the Sony VAIO laptop computer are: Sony VAIO Series laptop computer model numbers SVE14A1 SVE14A2 SVE14A3 SVE1413 SVE1511 SVE1512 SVE1513 SVE1513APXS SVE1513BCXS SVE1513JCXW SVE1513KCXS SVE1513MCXB SVE1513MCXW SVE1513MPXS SVE1513RCXB SVE1513RCXS SVE1513RCXW SVE1513TCXW SVE15132CXW SVE15134CXP SVE15134CXS SVE15134CXW SVE15135CXW SVE151390X SVE1712 SVE1713 SVE171390X VPCCA1 VPCCA2 VPCCA3 VPCCB1 VPCCB2 VPCCB3 VPCCB4 VPCEH1 VPCEH2 VPCEH3 VPCEJ1 VPCEJ2
Panasonic battery packs used in Sony Electronics laptop computersAbout 700 (In addition, about 1,700 units were previously recalled on June 15, 2016)
Best Buy, Sony retail stores, other consumer electronic stores nationwide and online at and other websites from February 2013 through October 2013 for between $550 and $1,000 as part of Sony VAIO laptops and for about $170 for battery packs sold separately.
Recall Date:    Feb 7, 2017
None reported
SANYO ENERGY (Suzhou) CO, Ltd. of China, Panasonic subsidiary
Mfg Country:
Sony Electronics, Inc., of San Diego, Calif.
Recall ID:    7974
Last Published:    Feb 7, 2017
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    17732
RecallMe Status:    Announced