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Customatic Beds Recalls Adjustable Beds Due to Electric Shock Hazard

This recall involves the bases of Customatic adjustable beds. These power foundations were offered in all bed sizes and were sold with handheld remote controls, allowing the head and/or the foot of the bed mattress to be moved up and down. These bases also have a side mounted AC outlet. The model numbers can be found on the metal frame near the foot of the bed and are listed below. Model Numbers RI-AB52-A18-WWM-L-U-H-CCBH4-AC RI-AB52-A18-WWM-L-U-H-CCBH2-AC RI-ABF-A18-WWM-N6SL-106-L-U-AC-H-CC4B RI-ABF-A18-WWM-ESF-107-L-U-AC-LM-CC4B RI-ABC-A18-WWM-N8SL-107-L-U-AC-LM-CC4B RI-ABC-A18-WWM-N8SL-107-L-U-AC-LM-CC2B Reflexion 7 CM-ABDS-A18-WWM-U-S-AC-PLBS-DR-LM PB-ABL-A18-WWM-DR-AC CM-ABD-A18-WWM-AC CM-ABF-A18-WWM-U-AC-W8-SR CM-ABT-A18-WWM-U-AC-SR CM-ABF-A18-WWM-U-AC-W-SR-H F04-00004
Adjustable bedsAbout 50,000
Sleepy’s and other mattress stores nationwide from June 2012 through January 2017 for about $1,500.
PPJ, LLC; d.b.a Customatic Beds of Natick, Mass.
Recall Date:    Apr 12, 2017
None reported
PPJ, LLC; d.b.a Customatic Beds of Natick, Mass.
Mfg Country:
PPJ, LLC; d.b.a Customatic Beds of Natick, Mass.
Recall ID:    8026
Last Published:    Apr 12, 2017
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    17130
RecallMe Status:    Announced