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Dynacraft Recalls Ride-On Toys Due to Fall and Crash Hazards

This recall involves three models of 12V battery-operated ride-on toys, including Surge 12V Camo 4X4, Surge 12V XL Quad and Tonka 12V Mighty Dump trucks. The recalled ride-on toys have model numbers and date codes listed in the table below. The model number, batch number, serial number and the date code , formatted as “MMDDYYYY,” are printed on a label on the bottom of the ride-on toy. Product Name and Color Model Number Date Codes Batch Number Serial Numbers Surge 12V Camo 4X4 Color: Camouflage and black with orange Surge graphic and accents 8803-31 06082016 06152016 06302016 07142016 07192016 07202016 07262016 07282016 08032016 08092016 08162016 302119 302247 302248 302249 302255 302256 302257 302292 302296 302298 302299 DA0331IF00001-DA0331IF01650 DA0331IG00001-DA0331IG03450 DA0331IH01201-DA0331IH02200 DA0331IH05001-DA0331IH05200 DA0331IH05501-DA0331IH06200 Surge 12V XL Quad Color: Camouflage and black with neon green Surge graphic and accents 8803-38 07222016 08192016 08242016 3101735 3101741 3101743 3101748 3101749 3101750 DA0338IG00001-DA0338IG01250 DA0338IH00001-DA0338IH02200 Tonka 12V Mighty Dump Truck Color: yellow and black with red and white Tonka graphic 8801-96U 05182016 06022016 06162016 06302016 07132016 302203 302205 302207 302209 302211 DA0196IE00141-DA0196IE05500 DA0196IF00001-DA0196IF07400 DA0196IG00001-DA0196IG02500
Surge and Tonka battery operated ride-on toysAbout 20,000
The Surge 12V Camo 4X4 was sold at Walmart nationwide between June 2016 and March 2017 for about $300. The Surge 12V XL Quad sold at Academy Sports + Outdoors stores nationwide from September 2016 through March 2017 for between $150 and $200. The Tonka 12V Might Dump Truck was sold at Toys R Us stores nationwide and online at from July 2016 through November 2016 for about $350.
Dynacraft BSC Inc., of American Canyon, Calif.
Recall Date:    May 23, 2017
Dynacraft has received 19 reports of pedals sticking, including seven reports of minor injuries; abrasions, cuts and bruises.
Mfg Country:
Dynacraft BSC Inc., of American Canyon, Calif.
Recall ID:    8061
Last Published:    May 23, 2017
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    17162
RecallMe Status:    Announced
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