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TriggerTech Recalls Crossbow Triggers Due to Injury Hazard

This recall involves TriggerTech carbide triggers, including the Rem 700 Carbide Triggers, the AR15 Carbide Triggers, and the Excalibur, Mission, Killer Instinct, and Parker Crossbow Triggers. The various carbide triggers used in crossbows can be identified by the model number and corresponding serial number or date code. The serial number/date code can be found on the side of the Rem 700 and AR15 triggers, and on the bottom of the Killer Instinct, Excalibur, Mission, and Parker triggers. The recalled products all have carbide rollers. Carbide Trigger Identification Model Serial Number Date Code Rem 700 2088-2090, 6501-7500, 9226-9999, 10000, 12001-12003 BAR001-BAR189, BBR001-BBR005 AR15 N/A ALC001-ALC020, ALS001-ALS017, BAFC001-BAFC007, BALC001-BALC004, BAC001-BAC092, BAS001-BAS034, BBLC001-BBLC019, BBLS001-BBLS003, BBC001-BBC107, BBS001-BBS013, BCS001-BCS002, BCLC001-BCLC001, BCC001-BCC008 Killer Instinct 2121-2160, 2202-2241, 2261-2321, 2326-2358, 2449-2499, 5224-5265, 5269-5270, 5290, 5301, 5307-5365, 5367-5561, 9131-9225 BCK001-BCK032, BEK001-BEK108 Excalibur 2448, 2500, 4113-4332, 4345-4448, 5077, 5088-5180 BAE001-BAE095, BCE001-BCE061, BDE001-BDE029, BFE001-BFE020, BGE001-BGE039 Mission 2086-2087, 2091-2120, 2161-2201, 2242-2260, 2322-2325, 2425-2447, 5181-5222 N/A Parker 2359-2424 N/A
TriggerTech Crossbow triggers (Carbide Triggers)About 2,000 (in addition, about 2,000 were sold in Canada)
CanadaAmmo ,Wyvern Creations and other stores nationwide and online at from June 2015 to August 2016 for between $120 and$ 190.
Recall Date:    Jul 12, 2017
TriggerTech has received 16 reports of broken carbide rollers, one incident involving weapon discharge without trigger activation. No reports of injuries.
TriggerTech, of Mississauga, Canada
Mfg Country:
Recall ID:    8092
Last Published:    Jul 12, 2017
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    17185
RecallMe Status:    Announced
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