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American Landmaster Recalls Off-Road Utility Vehicles Due to Fire and Burn Hazards

This recall involves model year 2018 gasoline-powered Landstar, Crossroad and Trailwagon models of American Landmaster four-wheel off-road utility vehicles. The recalled vehicles were sold in a variety of colors. The model name and number are printed on the hood of each front fender. The American Landmaster logo is printed on the center of the hood of the vehicle. The VIN is located behind the pedals and below the steering wheel. Model Number VIN range start VIN range end CR350, LS350, LS350DL A4PUTYFB1JBA00023 A4PUTYFB9JBA00304 A4PUTYFB1JBA00751 A4PUTYFB7JBA00754 LS450 A4PUTYJC4JBA00422 A4PUTYJC6JBA00499 A4PUTYJC3JBA00749 A4PUTYJCXJBA01512 TW450 A4PUTYJCXJBA00358 A4PUTYJC0JBA00496 A4PUTYJC2JBA00760 A4PUTYJC2JBA01147 TW750 A4PUTYPD0JBA00014 A4PUTYPD8JBB00149 LS477 A4PUVTKD7JBB00003 A4PUVTKD9JBB00049 LS550 A4PUTVKD9JBA00003 A4PUTVKD9JBA00308 LS670, 677EFI, 677EPS A4PUTYPD6JBB00005 A4PUTYPD7JBB00224 Crew2, Crew4, Crew4X A4PUFYPD0JBA00005 A4PUFYPD5JBA00078
Off-road utility vehiclesAbout 1,500
Atwood Distributing, Tractor Supply Company, Orscheln Farm and Home stores and other distributors nationwide from January 2018 through July 2018 for between $4,300 and $10,300.
Recall Date:    Aug 23, 2018
None reported
ASW, LLC d/b/a American Landmaster, of Columbia City, Ind.
Mfg Country:
Recall ID:    8384
Last Published:    Aug 23, 2018
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    18207
RecallMe Status:    Announced
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