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Gas Ranges and Wall Ovens Recalled by Prizer-Painter Stove Works Due to Burn Hazard

This recall involves seven different series of BlueStar and Big Chill free-standing ranges and one series of gas-powered wall ovens. The BlueStar or Big Chill logos are on the front of the oven door. The recalled gas ranges and ovens were sold in a variety of colors, including stainless steel, white, green, orange, aqua, dark blue and black with gold trim. Gas ranges or wall ovens with model and serial numbers listed in the chart below are included in the recall. The model and serial number are located on the serial plate. On the open burner gas ranges (star shaped burners), the serial plate is under the cast iron grates on the left side. On the sealed burner gas ranges (round burners), the serial plate is underneath the back guard, which is removable. On the gas wall ovens, the serial plate is behind the control panel on the left wall. Model Model Numbers Serial Number Range BlueStar Culinary Series (RCS) RCS304BV2, RCS366BV2, RCS30SBV2, RCS36SBV2, RCS30SBBCN, RCS30SBBCL, RCS36SBBCN, RCS36SBBCL, RCS48SBBCN, RCS48SBBCL, RCS304BCV2, RCS366BCV2, RCS36SBBCNMB, RCS36SBBCLMB, RCS36SBBCNRR, RCS304BV2, RCS366BV2, RCS30SBV2, RCS36SBV2, RCS30SBBCN, RCS30SBBCL, RCS36SBBCN, RCS36SBBCL, RCS48SBBCN, RCS48SBBCL, RCS304BCV2, RCS366BCV2, RCS36SBBCNMB, RCS36SBBCLMB, RCS36SBBCNRR, RCS36SBBCLRR, RCS36SBBCNCB, RCS36SBBCLCB, RCS36SBBCNSW, RCS36SBBCLSW, RCS30SBBCNRR, RCS30SBBCLRR, RCS30SBBCNMB, RCS30SBBCLMB, RCS30SBBCNCB, RCS30SBBCLCB, RCS30SBBCNSW, RCS30SBBCLSW, RCS48SBBCNMB, RCS48SBBCLMB, RCS48SBBCNCB, RCS48SBBCLCB, RCS48SBBCNRR, RCS48SBBCLRR, RCS48SBBCNSW, RCS48SBBCLSW 1505000 through 1710999 BlueStar Nova Series (RNB) RNB244BV2, RNB24GV2, RNB24CBV2, RNB24FTV2, RNB304BV2, RNB366BV2, RNB364CBV2, RNB364GV2 RNB364FTV2, RNB488BV2, RNB486GV2, RNB486CBV2, RNB484GV2, RNB484CBV2, RNB484GCBV2, RNB484FTBV2, RNB6010BV2, RNB608GV2, RNB608CBV2, RNB606GV2, RNB606CBV2, RNB606GCBV2, RNB606FTV2 1505000 through 1710999 BlueStar Heritage Classic Series RNB364GHCV2, RNB486GHCV2, RNB606GHCV2 1505000 through 1710999 BlueStar Precious Metals Series RNB304BPMV2, RNB366BPMV2, RNB364GPMV2, RNB364CBPMV2, RNB364FTPMV2 1505000 through 1710999 Blue Star Gas Wall Ovens BWO24AGS, BWO30AGS, BWO36AGS 1505000 through 1710999 Big Chill Retro Series BCR30V2SP, BCR30V2SPL, BCR30V2BB, BCR30V2BBL, BCR30V2BK, BCR30V2BKL, BCR30V2BY, BCR30V2BYL, BCR30V2CR, BCR30V2CRL, BCR30V2JG, BCR30V2JGL, BCR30V2OR, BCR30V2ORL, BCR30V2PK, BCR30V2PKL, BCR30V2TQ, BCR30V2TQL, BCR30V2WH, BCR30V2WHL, BCR36V2SP, BCR36V2SPL, BCR36V2BB, BCR36V2BBL, BCR36V2BK, BCR36V2BKL, BCR36V2BY, BCR36V2BYL, BCR36V2CR, BCR36V2CRL, BCR36V2JG, BCR36V2JGL, BCR36V2OR, BCR36V2ORL, BCR36V2PK, BCR36V2PKL, BCR36V2TQ, BCR36V2TQL, BCR36V2WH, BCR36V2WHL 1505000 through 1710999 Big Chill Pro Series BCPRO30V2SP, BCPRO30V2SPL, BCPRO30V2BG, BCPRO30V2BGL, BCPRO30V2CR, BCPRO30V2CRL, BCPRO30V2FB, BCPRO30V2FBL, BCPRO30V2MB, BCPRO30V2MBL, BCPRO30V2OR, BCPRO30V2ORL, BCPRO30V2SB, BCPRO30V2SBL, BCPRO30V2SS, BCPRO30V2SSL, BCPRO30V2SY, BCPRO30V2SYL, BCPRO30V2WH, BCPRO30V2WHL, BCPRO36V2SP BCPRO36V2SPL, BCPRO36V2BG, BCPRO36V2BGL, BCPRO36V2CR, BCPRO36V2CRL, BCPRO36V2FB, BCPRO36V2FBL, BCPRO36V2MB, BCPRO36V2MBL, BCPRO36V2OR, BCPRO36V2ORL, BCPRO36V2SB, BCPRO36V2SBL, BCPRO36V2SS, BCPRO36V2SSL, BCPRO36V2SY, BCPRO36V2SYL, BCPRO36V2WH, BCPRO36V2WHL, BCPRO48SP, BCPRO48SPL, BCPRO48BG, BCPRO48BGL, BCPRO48CR, BCPRO48CRL, BCPRO48FB, BCPRO48FBL, BCPRO48MB, BCPRO48MBL, BCPRO48OR, BCPRO48ORL, BCPRO48SL, BCPRO48SLL, BCPRO48SS, BCPRO48SSL, BCPRO48SY, BCPRO48SYL, BCPRO48WH, BCPRO48WHL 1505000 through 1710999 Big Chill Classic Series BCCS30BBSP, BCCS30CPSP, BCCS30CMSP BCCS30SNSP, BCCS30BBSPL, BCCS30CPSPL, BCCS30CMSPL, BCCS30SNSPL, BCCS30BBCB, BCCS30CPCB, BCCS30CMCB, BCCS30SNCB, BCCS30BBCBL, BCCS30CPCBL, BCCS30CMCBL, BCCS30SNCBL, BCCS30BBCM, BCCS30CPCM, BCCS30CMCM, BCCS30SNCM, BCCS30BBCML, BCCS30CPCML, BCCS30CMCML, BCCS30SNCML, BCCS30BBFB, BCCS30CPFB, BCCS30CMFB, BCCS30SNFB, BCCS30BBFBL, BCCS30CPFBL, BCCS30CMFBL, BCCS30SNFBL, BCCS30BBMB, BCCS30CPMB, BCCS30CMMB, BCCS30SNMB, BCCS30BBMBL, BCCS30CPMBL, BCCS30CMMBL, BCCS30SNMBL, BCCS30BBWH, BCCS30CPWH, BCCS30CMWH, BCCS30SNWH, BCCS30BBWHL, BCCS30CPWHL, BCCS30CMWHL, BCCS30SNWHL, BCCS30BBSS, BCCS30CPSS, BCCS30CMSS, BCCS30SNSS, BCCS30BBSSL, BCCS30CPSSL, BCCS30CMSSL, BCCS30SNSSL, BCCS36BBSP, BCCS36CMSP, BCCS36SNSP, BCCS36BBSPL, BCCS36CPSPL, BCCS36CMSPL, BCCS36SNSPL, BCCS36BBCB, BCCS36CPCB, BCCS36CMCB, BCCS36SNCB, BCCS30BBCBL, BCCS36CPCBL, BCCS36CMCBL, BCCS36SNCBL, BCCS36BBCM, BCCS36CPCM, BCCS36CMCM, BCCS36SNCM, BCCS36BBCML, BCCS36CPCML, BCCS36CMCML, BCCS36SNCML, BCCS36BBFB, BCCS36CPFB, BCCS36CMFB, BCCS36SNFB, BCCS36BBFBL, BCCS36CPFBL, BCCS36CMFBL, BCCS36SNFBL, BCCS36BBMB, BCCS36CPMB, BCCS36CMMB, BCCS36SNMB, BCCS36BBMBL, BCCS36CPMBL, BCCS36CMMBL, BCCS36SNMBL, BCCS36BBSS, BCCS36CPSS, BCCS36CMSS, BCCS36SNSS, BCCS36BBSSL, BCCS36CPSSL, BCCS36CMSSL, BCCS36SNSSL, BCCS36BBWH, BCCS36CPWH, BCCS36CMWH, BCCS36SNWH, BCCS36BBWHL, BCCS36CPWHL, BCCS36CMWHL, BCCS36SNWHL 1505000 through 1710999
BlueStar and Big Chill gas ranges and wall ovensAbout 7,100 (In addition, about 2,500 units in Canada)
Specialty appliance stores and kitchen equipment dealers nationwide from May 2015 through October 2017 for between $3,300 and $18,100.
Recall Date:    Sep 11, 2018
The firm has received 51 reports of flames or flares due to delayed gas ignition, including 7 reported minor burns.
Prizer-Painter Stove Works Inc., of Blandon, Pa.
Mfg Country:
Recall ID:    8395
Last Published:    Sep 11, 2018
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    18218
RecallMe Status:    Announced