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Kawasaki USA Recalls Off-Highway Utility Vehicles Due to Injury Hazard (Recall Alert)

This recall involves 2018 and 2019 Mule Pro utility vehicles. The four-wheel, off-highway utility vehicles were sold in black, green, white, red, bronze, silver, camo and blue. They have side by side seating for three to six people and automotive style controls. Mule Pro is printed on the right and left front fender. Kawasaki is printed on the cargo box. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is located on the steel frame between the right front lower A-arm mounts. Year Model Model Code Vin Range 2018 Mule Pro-DXT (EPS) KAF1000AJF JKAAFCA1XJB501117 through JKAAFCA11JB501152 2018 Mule Pro-DXT (EPS) KAF1000BJF JKAAFCB18JB503625 through JKAAFCB18JB503642 2018 Mule Pro-DX (EPS) KAF1000EJF JKAAFCE1XJB502410 through JKAAFCE18JB502437 2019 Mule Pro-FXT (EPS/LE/Camo/Ranch) KAF820AKF JKBAFSA13KB501645 through JKBAFSA14KB501671 2019 Mule Pro-FXT (EPS/LE/Camo/Ranch) KAF820BKF JKBAFSB15KB513858 through JKBAFSB18KB514230 2019 Mule Pro-FXT (EPS/LE/Camo/Ranch) KAF820CKF JKBAFSC19KB513036 through JKBAFSC19KB513361 2019 Mule Pro-FXT (EPS/LE/Camo/Ranch) KAF820DKF JKBAFSD18KB506741 through JKBAFSD1XKB506787 2019 Mule Pro-FX (EPS/LE) KAF820FKF JKBAFSF13KB506336 through JKBAFSF10KB506603 2019 Mule Pro-FX (EPS/LE) KAF820GKF JKBAFSG18KB504354 through JKBAFSG1XKB504355 2019 Mule Pro-FXT KAF820JKF JKBAFSJ19KB508972 through JKBAFSJ15KB509343 2019 Mule Pro-FXR KAF820KKF JKBAFSK14KB504620 through JKBAFSK17KB504630
Kawasaki Mule™ Pro off-highway utility vehiclesAbout 1,000
Kawasaki dealers nationwide from August 2018 through September 2018 for between $13,000 and $17,000.
Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. of Foothill Ranch, Calif.
Recall Date:    Dec 6, 2018
None reported
Mfg Country:
Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. of Foothill Ranch, Calif.
Recall ID:    8467
Last Published:    Dec 6, 2018
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    19722
RecallMe Status:    Announced
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