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Viessmann Recalls Boilers Due to Carbon Monoxide Hazard

This recall involves the Vitodens 200-W and Vitodens 222-F series boilers used for space or domestic water heating. There are five affected models in a specific serial number range. The Vitodens 200-W is a wall hung unit, housed in a white metal box about 38 inches high and 18 inches wide. The Vitodens 222-F is a floor mounted unit, housed in a white metal box about 68 inches tall and 24 inches wide. The name "Vitodens" is printed on the label on the outside of the boiler box. The product name and model number can be found on the left side of the boiler cover. The serial number can be found on the underside of the wall mounted boiler and on the center section on the floor mount model. Product Model Part Number Serial Number Range Vitodens 200-W B2HB 19 7538092 7538092401003107 to 7538092701038106 B2HB 26 7538093 7538093401002107 to 7538093701177109 B2HB 35 7538094 7538094401003101 to 7538094701446103 Vitodens 222-F B2TB 19 7542250 7542250401001100 to 7542250401210106 B2TB 35 7542251 7542251401001107 to 7542251701257105
Vitodens boilersAbout 2,900 (in addition, about 1,400 were sold in Canada)
Viessmann Authorized Dealers from September 2014 through October 2018 for between $2,700 and $4,200.
Viessmann Manufacturing Company (U.S.) Inc., of Warwick, R.I.
Recall Date:    Apr 25, 2019
None reported
Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG, of Germany
Mfg Country:
Viessmann Manufacturing Company (U.S.) Inc., of Warwick, R.I.
Recall ID:    8543
Last Published:    Apr 25, 2019
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    19111
RecallMe Status:    Announced
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