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GS Fireworks Recalls Fireworks Due to Violation of Federal Standards; Explosion and Burn ...

This recall involves 26 different consumer fireworks. The brand name, product name and the item number are printed on the outside wrapping of the firework. Brand Product Name Item Number Universal 1.25” Artillery Shells W5016(B) Universal Blast From The Past UN5088 Universal Born Hero 25 Shot Cake BHL2325 Sin City Burning Aces 25 Shot Cake SC5G-1501 None Listed The Closer 100 Shot Cake None Listed None Listed Clown Shells W515B Clown Cock Rises Canister Shells FF5001 Clown Cock-a-doodle-doo 25 Shot Cake 8299 Hairy Beaver Crazy Labbits 36 Shot Cake HB2015 Clown Dead Heat 100 Shot Cake BHL999TS Hairy Beaver Defenders 49 Shot Cake BHL999T2 Universal Don’t Panic Canister Shells BHL5135 Universal Godzilla Roars 36 Shot Cake UN2566 None Listed Horror Night Ball Shells W5007 (B) Clown IT Canister Shells DP5135 None Listed Magical Roman Candle WW2901(A-D) Universal Monkey Planet 100 Shot Cake UN2102 None Listed Rising Silver - Flowers in Spring 25 Shot Cake W2825 Yeti Shrooms 100 Shot Cake YT5026 Yeti Sky Jam 96 Shot Cake YT5026 Hairy Beaver Spider 25 Shot Cake HB2002 None Listed Sun Rise Crackers W010 None Listed Thunder King Single Shot Salutes None Listed None Listed Tommy Gun Single Shot Salute WG2018S Clown Top Notch Fireworks 64 Shot Cake BHL2064 Clown Tsunami Alert 100 Shot Cake 8670
FireworksAbout 260
Exclusively at GS Fireworks in Wyoming, Michigan from March 2018 through May 2018 for between $10 and $125.
Recall Date:    Jun 26, 2019
None reported
Mfg Country:
Recall ID:    8589
Last Published:    Jun 26, 2019
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    19148
RecallMe Status:    Announced