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Kawasaki USA Recalls Off-Highway Utility Vehicles Due to Fuel Leak, Fire Hazards (Recall ...

This recall involves model year 2015 through 2020 MULE PRO-FX™, MULE PRO-FXR™ and MULE PRO-FXT™ off-highway utility vehicles. The recalled vehicles were sold in black, blue, bronze, camo, green, red, silver and white. They have four wheels, side-by-side seating for three to six people and automotive style controls. Mule Pro is printed on the right and left front fender. Kawasaki is printed on the cargo box. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is located on the steel frame between the right front lower A-arm mounts. Model Year Model Name Model Code VIN Range 2015 MULE PRO-FXT KAF820AFF/L JKBAFSA1XFB500031 through JKBAFSA18FB500335 MULE PRO-FXT EPS KAF820BFF/L JKBAFSB13FB500001 through JKBAFSB11FB504158 MULE PRO-FXT EPS LE KAF820CFF/L JKBAFSC17FB500002 through JKBAFSC17FB504387 MULE PRO-FXT EPS CAMO KAF820DFF/L JKBAFSD17FB500001 through JKBAFSD17FB502198 2016 MULE PRO-FXT KAF820AGF/L JKBAFSA1XGB500001 through JKBAFSA19GB500250 MULE PRO-FXT EPS KAF820BGF/L JKBAFSB10GB504816 through JKBAFSB13GB507371 MULE PRO-FXT EPS LE KAF820CGF/L JKBAFSC18GB504951 through JKBAFSC16GB507010 MULE PRO-FXT EPS CAMO KAF820DGF/L JKBAFSD19GB502611 through JKBAFSD16GB503585 MULE PRO-FX KAF820EGF/L JKBAFSE17GB500001 through JKBAFSE16GB500541 MULE PRO-FX EPS KAF820FGF/L JKBAFSF19GB500001 through JKBAFSF14GB502450 MULE PRO-FX EPS LE KAF820GGF/L JKBAFSG10GB500001 through JKBAFSG13GB501918 MULE PRO-FX EPS CAMO KAF820HGF/L JKBAFSH12GB500001 through JKBAFSH17GB500950 MULE PRO-FXT RANCH EDITION KAF820JGF/L JKBAFSJ1XGB500001 through JKBAFSJ1XGB501830 2017 MULE PRO-FXT KAF820AHF/L JKBAFSA18HB500001 through JKBAFSA12HB500821 MULE PRO-FXT EPS KAF820BHF/L JKBAFSB1XHB500001 through JKBAFSB10HB510083 MULE PRO-FXT EPS LE KAF820CHF/L JKBAFSC11HB500001 through JKBAFSC10HB509367 MULE PRO-FXT EPS CAMO KAF820DHF/L JKBAFSD13HB500001 through JKBAFSD19HB504909 MULE PRO-FX KAF820EHF/L JKBAFSE15HB500001 through JKBAFSE12HB501140 MULE PRO-FX EPS KAF820FHF/L JKBAFSF17HB500001 through JKBAFSF18HB504056 MULE PRO-FX EPS LE KAF820GHF/L JKBAFSG15HB502201 through JKBAFSG1XHB502890 MULE PRO-FX EPS CAMO KAF820HHF/L JKBAFSH16HB501301 through JKBAFSH11HB501450 MULE PRO-FXT RANCH EDITION KAF820JHF/L JKBAFSJ18HB500001 through JKBAFSJ16HB504483 MULE PRO-FX RANCH EDITION KAF820LHF/L JKBAFSL11HB500001 rough JKBAFSL11HB500550 2018 MULE PRO-FXT KAF820AJF/L JKBAFSA15JB501001 through JKBAFSA13JB501370 MULE PRO-FXT EPS KAF820BJF/L JKBAFSB15JB510201 through JKBAFSB12JB513038 MULE PRO-FXT EPS LE KAF820CJF/L JKBAFSC10JB509651 through JKBAFSC10JB512209 MULE PRO-FXT EPS CAMO KAF820DJF/L JKBAFSD16JB505151 through JKBAFSD19JB506231 MULE PRO-FX KAF820EJF/L JKBAFSE17JB501401 through JKBAFSE16JB501695 MULE PRO-FX EPS KAF820FJF/L JKBAFSF19JB504301 through JKBAFSF16JB505745 MULE PRO-FX EPS LE KAF820GJF/L JKBAFSG19JB503101 through JKBAFSG11JB503870 MULE PRO-FXT RANCH EDITION KAF820JJF/L JKBAFSJ18JB504801 through JKBAFSJ18JB508072 MULE PRO-FXR KAF820KJF/L JKBAFSK12JB500001 through JKBAFSK13JB503649 2019 MULE PRO-FXT KAF820AKF/L JKBAFSA11KB501501 through JKBAFSA11KB501935 MULE PRO-FXT EPS KAF820BKF/L JKBAFSB17KB513201 through JKBAFSB17KB516146 MULE PRO-FXT EPS LE KAF820CKF/L JKBAFSC11KB512401 through JKBAFSC1XKB514907 MULE PRO-FXT EPS CAMO KAF820DKF/L JKBAFSD16KB506401 through JKBAFSD11KB507519 MULE PRO-FX KAF820EKF/L JKBAFSE1XKB501801 through JKBAFSE15KB502161 MULE PRO-FX EPS KAF820FKF/L JKBAFSF13KB505901 through JKBAFSF13KB507521 MULE PRO-FX EPS LE KAF820GKF/L JKBAFSG18KB504001 through JKBAFSG1XKB504758 MULE PRO-FXT RANCH EDITION KAF820JKF/L JKBAFSJ12KB508201 through JKBAFSJ13KB512077 MULE PRO-FXR KAF820KKF/L JKBAFSK13KB503801 through JKBAFSK1XKB505089 2020 MULE PRO-FXT KAF820ALF/L JKBAFSA1XLB502101 through JKBAFSA19LB502378 MULE PRO-FXT EPS KAF820BLF/L JKBAFSB1XLB516501 through JKBAFSB19LB518305 MULE PRO-FXT EPS LE KAF820CLF/L JKBAFSC1XLB515301 through JKBAFSC1XLB516657 MULE PRO-FXT EPS CAMO KAF820DLF/L JKBAFSD1XLB507701 through JKBAFSD1XLB508184 MULE PRO-FX KAF820ELF/L JKBAFSE18LB502401 through JKBAFSE19LB502598 MULE PRO-FX EPS KAF820FLF/L JKBAFSF18LB507919 through JKBAFSF1XLB509199 MULE PRO-FX EPS LE KAF820GLF/L JKBAFSG18LB505201 through JKBAFSG12LB505744 MULE PRO-FXT RANCH EDITION KAF820JLF/L JKBAFSJ1XLB512501 through JKBAFSJ17LB514237 MULE PRO-FXR KAF820KLF/L JKBAFSK13LB507901 through JKBAFSK18LB508784 MULE PRO-FXT RANCH EDITION KAF820MLF/L JKBAFSM12LB500001 through JKBAFSM16LB501023
Kawasaki MULE PRO off-highway utility vehiclesAbout 72,000
Kawasaki dealers nationwide from July 2014 through December 2019 for between $12,000 and $18,000.
Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A., of Foothill Ranch, Calif.
Recall Date:    Mar 19, 2020
Kawasaki has received 165 reports of oil leakage and 84 reports of vehicles catching on fire, resulting in three injuries, including one report of a burn to the user’s foot, one report of a burn to the user’s arm, hand and buttocks and one incident of smoke inhalation. Kawasaki is aware of more than $131,000 in property damage claims, excluding the cost of damage to vehicles.
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. U.S.A., of Lincoln, Neb.
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    8781
Last Published:    Mar 19, 2020
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    20727
RecallMe Status:    Announced