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Rocky Mountain Bicycles Recalls Non-Electric Instinct, Instinct BC and Pipeline Bicycles ...

This recall includes the alloy models of Rocky Mountain model year 2018-2020 Instinct, Instinct BC and Pipeline trail bikes. Rocky Mountain is printed on the downtube. Instinct, Instinct BC or Pipeline are printed inside the seatstay on the left hand side. The bikes were sold with 29 inch and 27.5+ inch wheels. The recalled bikes include small, medium and large sizes with serial numbers starting with PRK17, PRK18 and PRK19-XXXXX. The serial number is located under the bottom frame bracket. Only non-electric bicycles with alloy frames in all colors in these models with these serial numbers are affected. Recalled Rocky Mountain Bicycles PIPELINE ALLOY 50 Pipeline Alloy 50 SM Pipeline Alloy 50 MD Pipeline Alloy 50 LG PIPELINE ALLOY 30 Pipeline Alloy 30 SM Pipeline Alloy 30 MD Pipeline Alloy 30 LG INSTINCT ALLOY 70 Instinct Alloy 70 SM C1 Instinct Alloy 70 SM C2 Instinct Alloy 70 MD C1 Instinct Alloy 70 MD C2 Instinct Alloy 70 LG C1 Instinct Alloy 70 LG C2 INSTINCT ALLOY 50 Instinct Alloy 50 (29) SM C1 Instinct Alloy 50 (29) SM C2 Instinct Alloy 50 (29) MD C1 Instinct Alloy 50 (29) MD C2 Instinct Alloy 50 (29) LG C1 Instinct Alloy 50 (29) LG C2 INSTINCT ALLOY 30 Instinct Alloy 30 (29) SM C1 Instinct Alloy 30 (29) SM C2 Instinct Alloy 30 (29) MD C1 Instinct Alloy 30 (29) MD C2 Instinct Alloy 30 (29) LG C1 Instinct Alloy 30 (29) LG C2 INSTINCT ALLOY 70 BC EDITION Instinct Alloy 70 BC Edition SM Instinct Alloy 70 BC Edition MD Instinct Alloy 70 BC Edition LG INSTINCT ALLOY 50 BC EDITION Instinct Alloy 50 BC Edition SM C1 Instinct Alloy 50 BC Edition SM C2 Instinct Alloy 50 BC Edition MD C1 Instinct Alloy 50 BC Edition MD C2 Instinct Alloy 50 BC Edition LG C1 Instinct Alloy 50 BC Edition LG C2 Affected Serial Numbers All serial numbers beginning with PRK17 All serial numbers beginning with PRK18 The following serial numbers beginning with PRK19 PRK190001 to PRK1900454 PRK1900566 PRK1900723 to PRK1900731 PRK1900456 to PRK1900462 PRK1900568 to PRK1900582 PRK1900733 PRK1900466 to PRK1900474 PRK1900584 to PRK1900589 PRK1900735 to PRK1900755 PRK1900479 PRK1900592 to PRK1900593 PRK1900757 to PRK1900773 PRK1900481 to PRK1900483 PRK1900595 PRK1900776 to PRK1900778 PRK1900485 to PRK1900488 PRK1900597 to PRK1900606 PRK1900780 to PRK1900785 PRK1900490 to PRK1900495 PRK1900608 to PRK1900618 PRK1900787 to PRK1900792 PRK1900497 to PRK1900506 PRK1900620 to PRK1900621 PRK1900794 to PRK1900798 PRK1900508 to PRK1900512 PRK1900623 to PRK1900628 PRK1900800 to PRK1900807 PRK1900514 to PRK1900517 PRK1900630 to PRK1900653 PRK1900809 PRK1900519 to PRK1900520 PRK1900655 to PRK1900662 PRK1900811 to PRK1900812 PRK1900522 to PRK1900523 PRK1900664 to PRK1900668 PRK1900814 to PRK1900818 PRK1900525 to PRK1900527 PRK1900670 to PRK1900681 PRK1900820 to PRK1900830 PRK1900529 to PRK1900531 PRK1900683 to PRK1900684 PRK1900832 PRK1900533 to PRK1900536 PRK1900686 to PRK1900697 PRK1900836 to PRK1900843 PRK1900538 to PRK1900540 PRK1900699 PRK1900845 to PRK1900855 PRK1900542 to PRK1900543 PRK1900701 PRK1900857 to PRK1900859 PRK1900545 to PRK1900546 PRK1900703 PRK1900861 PRK1900548 to PRK1900550 PRK1900705 PRK1900863 to PRK1900868 PRK1900552 to PRK1900556 PRK1900707 to PRK1900711 PRK1900870 PRK1900558 to PRK1900559 PRK1900713 to PRK1900721 PRK1900872- PRK1900874 PRK1900562 to PRK1900563
Rocky Mountain non-electric alloy frame Instinct, Instinct BC and Pipeline bicyclesAbout 1,530 (In addition, about 1,470 were sold in Canada)
Independent bicycle stores nationwide from August 2017 through June 2020 for between $2,600 and $4,700.
Recall Date:    Jul 16, 2020
The firm has received 12 reports of front triangles cracking. There have been no reports of injuries.
Rocky Mountain Bicycles, of Canada
Mfg Country:
Taiwan and China
Recall ID:    8859
Last Published:    Jul 16, 2020
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    20150
RecallMe Status:    Announced
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