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STIHL Recalls to Repair Mini-Cultivator Attachments Due to Laceration Hazard

The recalled mini-cultivator is one of 15 interchangeable attachments to the STIHL KombiMotor KM model powerheads, which are sold separately. The mini-cultivator is used to break up loose soil. It has four black discs with tines mounted to a gearbox and attached to a metal drive tube with a black deflector. The mini-cultivator attachment should have been assembled by the STIHL dealer and not sold in a box or assembled by the consumer. The recalled mini-cultivator attachments are those with the gearbox installed upside down.
STIHL BF-KM Mini-Cultivator attachmentsAbout 185,000
Authorized STIHL servicing dealers nationwide from January 2005 through August 2020 for about $190.
Recall Date:    Sep 30, 2020
STIHL Inc. has received 12 reports of incidents, including six reports of lacerations to consumers.
STIHL Incorporated, of Virginia Beach, VA
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    8912
Last Published:    Sep 30, 2020
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    20193
RecallMe Status:    Announced
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