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Prestone Products Recalls Antifreeze Due to Failure to Meet Child Resistant Packaging Re ...

This recall involves fourteen different models of pre-diluted or concentrated antifreeze sold under six different brand names: Prestone®, AutoZone®, Highline®/Prime Guard®, Supertech®, Prime® and Starfire®. The one-gallon antifreeze bottles are black, gray, orange, white or yellow. The brand is printed on the front of the antifreeze. The date code and model numbers can be found on the back informational panel of the product. Only antifreeze products with the following brand name, model number and date codes are included on this recall: Product Name Model Number Date Codes PRESTONE 50/50 Antifreeze AF2100/G2F OF20118 OF20128 OF20129 OF20132 OF20133 OF20134 OF20135 OF20141 PRESTONE Concentrate Antifreeze AF2000/G2F OF20128 OF20134 OF20135 OF20141 PRESTONE COMMAND® Nitrite Free 50/50 AFC12100/F OF20062 PRESTONE Heavy Duty Antifreeze 50/50 AF5200/F OF20062 OF20063 PRESTONE AMM 33% Export Antifreeze AF2033 OF20111 AUTOZONE AMAM 50/50 Antifreeze 540721/1F OF20036 OF20037 OF20038 OF20041 OF20050 OF20055 OF20056 OF20085 OF20086 OF20094 OF20113 OF20133 OF20134 OF20135 AUTOZONE Concentrate 50/50 Antifreeze 000367/1F OF20041 OF20042 OF20056 OF20057 OF20062 OF20135 OF20139 HIGHLINE AMAM "Prime Guard" 50/50 Antifreeze HLAMAM5050GL/F OF20007 OF20008 OF20042 OF20043 OF20050 HIGHLINE AMAM "Prime Guard" Concentrate Antifreeze HLAMAMGL/F OF20042 SUPERTECH Antifreeze Pre Diluted ST4053/F OF20006 OF20007 OF20051 OF20055 OF20084 OF20070 OF20085 SUPERTECH Antifreeze ST4003/F OF20141 PRIME Antifreeze AMAM AF3000/F OF20049 OF20078 OF20140 PRIME AMAM 50/50 Antifreeze AF3100/F OF20043 OF20044 OF20078 OF20079 OF20140 STARFIRE Antifreeze AMAM 50/50 CPAMAM5050/F OF20057
Antifreeze productsAbout 687,000
Ace Hardware, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Highline, Home Depot, Lowe's, Pep Boys and Walmart stores nationwide and online from January 2020 through May 2020 for between $10 and $22.
Recall Date:    Oct 7, 2020
None reported.
Prestone Products Corporation, of Rosemont, Ill.
Mfg Country:
United States
Recall ID:    8914
Last Published:    Oct 7, 2020
Official Site:    Link


RecallMe Number:    21002
RecallMe Status:    Announced