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Being informed about recent recalls as soon as they are announced is critical and can be a life-saving opportunity. We gather all recalls into a master repository and notify our users as soon as a recall is publicly announced.

Not every recall is life-threatening, but we inform you about every recall so that you can decide which recalls matter the most to you and your loved ones, and filter out the others.

No credit card or payment is required, and you may cancel at any time. All personal preference information is cleared after cancellation.

Some of the services available on our website include:

  • Selective recall posts and blogs
  • The most recent 60 recalls (5 for each agency)
  • Monthly/Yearly recall traversal
  • Recalls search
  • View recalls in tabular, list or slider format
  • MyAlerts for recalls based on the personalization options selected and set in your profile
  • Online vehicle checks
  • Online keywords checks
  • Choose categories which are relevant
  • Choose notification options and frequencies
  • Setup vehicles for an automatic recalls detection and notifications
  • Setup keywords for an automatic recalls matching and notifications

Keep Me Safe Now

You have two options for accessing our services:

1. Persistent Access.

Persistent access requires Sign Up with your email address and subscription to a plan.

This will allow you to receive email notifications for recalls either instantly or as a daily digest. With persistent access, you can customize notifications to fit your needs and preferences by:

  • Specifying recall categories you want to track
  • Vehicles to be monitored for potential recalls
  • Keywords to be monitored for recall matches
  • Select alert notification frequency and delivery options

We respect your privacy and will only use your email to deliver our services without sharing it with any third party.

2. Anonymous Access.

Anonymous access is available to everyone and allows you to explore the site without Sign Up.

Due to lack of registered email, your site experience will be limited. Site communications, notification and personalization options will not be available.

Persistent Access

Sign Up With Your Email Address & Subscribe

Our services are unique and unmatched by any other organization, including government agencies. We are the only platform that aggregates recalls from every government agency, providing consumers with easy access to detail recall information.

Follow the below listed steps to setup persistent access, stay informed and safeguard your family from consuming recalled products:

1. Sign Up

To ensure delivery of emails from RecallsMe to your inbox folder, please add [email protected] to your email address book and monitor your spam folders.

  1. You will need an email address(id) and a password to get started.
  2. Clicking on the Sign Up button will redirect you in a separate browser tab to Kripa Authentication Application requesting you to enter your username or id, email address, password(s), name and telephone number.
  3. Upon a successful submission, the process will email you to your specified email address for verification.
  4. The browser will display: 'Sign Up - Check you Inbox for a verification email. Send Email again' You can re-request an email if you don't see a verification email within few minutes.
  5. Please confirm by opening your email (subject: Account Confirmation) and clicking on the link within your email to verify your Sign Up request.
  6. Once a verify link is clicked, you will be redirected to Kripa Auth My Applications Dashboard.
  7. Return to your original browser tab where the GET STARTED page is displayed and continue with the remaining steps.
By signing up, you agree to RecallsMe's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
2. Sign In

  1. Click on the button to be navigated to MY ACCOUNT page.
  2. From MY ACCOUNT page, click on the Sign In button to initiate authentication processing.
  3. You may need to enter your username and password to sign in on the Kripa Auth Application.
  4. You can navigate to GET STARTED page and continue with the remaining steps.
3. Subscription

You may subscribe to a plan immediately after your first Sign In or at a later time. You can change or cancel your plan anytime. Review the PRICING page to compare plans.

  1. Click on the SUBSCRIBE button to be navigated to TEAM App which facilitates Account and Team Management.
  2. Please Sign In into TEAM App. Click on the MY ACCOUNT and then on Sign In. If not signed in, you will see a message 'Subscriptions is not available to pre-assigned anonymous id'.
  3. Click on the logo (Team) to list navigation options.
  4. Click on the SUBSCRIPTIONS navigation option.
  5. Review your current Subscriptions in the left panel. Manage subscriptions in the right panel.
  6. Select Application (RecallsMe) and a desired Plan.
  7. Enter an Invite Code if you have one.
  8. Click the SUBSCRIBE button to submit a subscription.
  9. Your newly subscribed plan will be listed under the Subscriptions section.
  10. If you happen to have subscribed to multiple plans, your most recent subscription will be effective immediately for site access while the next billing cycle will reflect the charges for the recent subscription.

If you decided not to subscribe at this time, your account will use default plan (aka plan 'None'). See the PRICING page for available plan features.

4. Payment

You may setup payment immediately after your subscription or at a later time. You can change or cancel your scheduled payments anytime. All registered users are provided with 21 days trial periods. We recommend you complete Payment setup for your paid plan during your initial trial period to avoid service interruption. Our liberal subscription, trial and payment options allow you to try our solutions prior to making commitments.

  1. Click on the PAYMENT button to be navigated to TEAM App which facilitates Account and Team Management.
  2. Please Sign In into TEAM App. Click on the MY ACCOUNT and then on Sign In. If not signed in, you will see a message 'Payments is not available to pre-assigned anonymous id'.
  3. Click on the logo (Team) to list navigation options.
  4. Click on the PAYMENTS navigation option.
  5. Review your information in the left panel. Manage payments in the right panel.
  6. Enter your payments information and click SETUP PAYMENT.

Payments are processed by 3rd party payment processors. After setting up payments, you will receive correspondence from our payment processors. For any inquiry, please contact us prior to corresponding with the payment processors.

Anonymous Access

Without Your Email Address

We understand that you may hesitate to share your email address, and we have taken steps to offer you the same service with some limitations.

You can experience the service we offer without signing up, and you can always Sign Up in the future. If you do Sign Up, your personal preferences will be carried forward to your new account.

However, please note that any personalization setup you make without signing up is not guaranteed to be persisted, and you may lose your settings.

For a better experience, we recommend that you Sign Up with your email address.

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