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How safe are the products we consume?

The magnitude of faulty products circulating out there is enormous. If we don’t educate ourselves and stay informed, this will be our warning sign for troubles ahead, for our families and to the public.

At RecallsMe we are genuinely concerned in the expeditious handling of information about the safety concerns with consumer products that we use on a day to day basis. Presently, numerous items are imported from global markets having inferior or no quality controls. At the same time our regulators are reducing safety oversight. That does not bode well for us as consumers.

Thankfully, we have RecallsMe to advise, inform and keep us consumers safe.

Why partner with RecallsMe?

As experienced technologists, we developed a strategy for protecting and safeguarding our families, especially our children. There is even a stronger need now to share the same course of action with our community and the public!

We notify our subscribers in real-time about products that have been recalled. We consolidate all the recalled products into a single repository and alert our subscribers as recalls are initiated. Our consolidated recalled products repository is also available for searching recalls, tracking trends and analytics.

Our service will help you feel informed and you will make better and smarter choices when choosing your products.

RecallsMe wants to partner with you, the consumers of the world, to ensure consumed products and services are safe for you, your family and the environment.

You, the consumers of the world have a leverage - Your Purchasing Power.

Use it to influence and direct global product and service suppliers to be safe, sustainable and ethical.

Be Informed. Be Aware. Be Safe.

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