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How To Specify What Recalls Alert To Receive

RecallsMe has categorized all recalls into a well known set of categories (which also corresponds to government agencies issuing the recalls) and provides you with options to select one or more to receive notifications. As shown in the sample screen image, the MY ACCOUNT page with the Select Categories step is clicked to display a list of categories. A Meat category is displayed as unchecked. In this case the user has elected to not receive any notifications when a recall happens for any products belonging to the Meat category.

A list of category names for which notifications are desired.
RecallsMe: MY ACCOUNT page


1. Sign Up/Sign In

Sign In if you have an account with RecallsMe website.


Visit and click on the MY ACCOUNT page and then Preferences section to set up product recall categories.

3. Select Categories

Clicking on Select Categories step displays a list of categories with check marks. You can check/uncheck a category to enable/disable receiving notifications for the corresponding category.

4. Save Your Changes

Please do not forget to save your changes by clicking the SAVE button. The change will be effective immediately with the next set of real time notification alerts.